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Lourdes GasparHello, I'm Dr Lourdes Gaspar and I'm a Consultant Specialist in Pain Medicine. Welcome to my website.

It's been designed with two main aims in mind:

Firstly for anyone wishing to access my services, I'd like to tell you about myself- about my training, qualifications and experience.

Secondly, the website has been designed to help educate patients and other healthcare professional alike in modern Pain Medicine, about pain conditions and the strategies that are available to treat them.

To this end the website contains lots of animations with an easy to understand accompanying narrative. I hope you will find them informative and useful.

The main aim of my Pain Management Clinic is to;

 Reduce the intensity of the pain through the careful use of drugs and Pain Interventions.

 Increase the overall physical function and mobility of each patient

 Address the emotional impact that the pain may be having on the patient.

An integral part of my clinical practice is a personal telephone follow- up service which allows prompt feedback in relation to any treatment strategies I institute. My telephone consultations also help to build trust and confidence with my patients.

Ultimately, it is my hope as a Pain Specialist to help patients feel much more in control of their pain problems.

Pain Management - Introduction

Chronic Pain is a human tragedy. It devastates the lives of those who are afflicted by it and lives of the immediate family.

Constant pain encroaches on all aspects of an individual's life. It may lead to;

 Withdrawal from hobbies and other activities once enjoyed and cherished

 Inability to fulfil professional responsibilities and even loss of employment

 Problems with personal and perhaps sexual relationships

There is often an erosion of confidence and self esteem.

Patients often speak about how they refuse to "Give into their pain" or how they are trying to "Fight their pain". However Chronic Pain is all too frequently associated chronic sleep disturbance and this in turn leads to mental and emotional exhaustion. The ability to "fight" pain becomes eroded.
Above all, there is a dehumanising effect to living in constant pain. The individual becomes lost to themselves. Interests, pastimes and passions no longer matter as they once did. The "Joie de Vivre" fades. A life is spent just coping with pain.

Many of the patients that I meet in my Pain Management Clinic are living in despair.

As a Pain Specialist, I believe that the effect of living in constant pain would ultimately have the same effect on all of us no matter how strong mentally or emotionally an individual we might be, no matter how determined or resolute our intent. Without proper treatment and guidance I believe we would all in time become desperate about ourselves.

Modern Pain Medicine has evolved dramatically in the last 20 years;

 At a molecular and neurotransmitter level there have been significant developments.
     The pain pathways are slowly being elucidated.

 Pain medications if used cautiously and judiciously whilst being carefully monitored and
      rotated can provide effective ongoing help.

 Pain Interventions have become much more targeted. We look for the "Pain Generators"
      and direct treatments accordingly.

 Finally, the emotional well being of the pain patient runs paramount and parallel to any
      medical treatment instituted.

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